So Close Yet So Far Mars Water.


This week, NASA announced increasable news it founds very strong evidence of water under the surface of Mars. It states Mars may contains the basic ingredients to supports life,at least according to our experience here on Earth.

But we can’t just dig and examine the Mars water at least not with the current Mars rovers who are rolling around on Mars, because of two main reasons:

  • The first is “Access”  Curiosity is physically unable to climb the steep slopes where the darkish streaks might indicate water flow.
  • The second is even if it could reached their it doesn’t allowed to touch or examine the Mars water  according to a United Nations treaty written in 1967. The Outer Space Treaty, it sets the rules for space exploration along the principles of mutual cooperation, says that exploration will be conducted in such way to avoid and neglect any contamination from Earth life, Quartz reports.

Because the liquid water appeared to be present on Mars surface so we’ve to take every step carefully and with precautions to avoid contamination by earth life, ” explained Rich Zurek, a scientist on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter team, in a Reddit AMA session.

Yet, Our current rovers have not been sterilized to the degree needed to go to an area where liquid water may be present.

A “special region” on Mars is described by the Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group as places where terrestrial organisms might survive and breed under Mars conditions. Because Curiosity may harbor microbes from Earth, it is not allowed near these special regions.


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