Parallel Matter

Lately a new discovery in 2014 at Ohio State University takes place the researchers of the university noticed and confirm the theory that black holes emit flares of radiation in the process of consuming large quantities of matter which is named “Black Hole Burp”.


While this phenomenon is still largely a mystery, it is thought that the jets are caused by magnetic fields interacting with the particles swirling around a black hole.

There is a another thought in space research world that black holes could be the gateways to parallel universe at least let’s just assume they’re the road to another universe but as we all know that black holes are very massive and destroys the hell out of things, but just imagine one can survive this hell of gravity and able to make to the end of the black hole if there is second end present or the entrance of the parallel universe, then for parallel world he may be known as the man who come from black holes burp. So the point is the radiation or matter detected by researchers may be matter from parallel universe “the parallel matter”.


However, we know that in the black hole things are very massive if you fall in there the result is, you will be stretched out long-wise, and squashed in sideways. If the black hole has a mass of a few times our sun, you would be torn apart, and made into spaghetti. Which mean at any of the black hole you can’t just re-emerge. The particles that come out of a black hole seem to be completely random, and to bear no relation to what fell in. It appears that the information about what fell in is lost, apart from the total amount of mass, and the amount of rotation.

The conclusion is even if there is a second end of a black hole which leads to parallel universe still you can’t make it alive or as in human form.

Thank you.


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