Why is Universe known as Space?

what is space

What is space? is it a void place, gap between two objects, persons. according to Wikipedia Space is “Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Physical space is often conceived in three linear dimensions“. But what space mean in cosmology? why our universe known as “Space”.

Well I am running this online blog on Cosmology from 2 years and technically this should be my first article but I never give a thought on it, I have always post what is in the space, what is new discovery scientists made what big break through we made like finding the proof of gravitational waves( Read the article on Gravitational waves here: https://metathinkingknowledgeorg.wordpress.com/2016/02/13/gravitational-waves-are-conformed-after-a-century-of-expectation/#more-194 ).

Last night I was sitting under the sky and staring at stars then this question pop up in my mind What is the Space? This has always been a difficult task for me to explain about Space and Cosmo, when i talk to my cousins about these thing tell them something related to space they can see the excitement on my face and I can see the confusion on their face no matter how simple way I use to explain them. And I know why because they don’t know the basic Space then how can they understand the things I tell them.

Now back to the question what is space? first of all we are not talking about here about space we are talking about “Outer Space” there is a difference between space and outer Space.We consider a space the emptiness between two objects or the distance between two object where nothing in between them, but on earth there is always something between two objects its called Air but we consider space or emptiness as no other object between two object on earth, on other hand Out Space is the place out side the earth. Outer space is the part of the Universe that’s outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Earth is part of the Universe, but by definition not part of outer space. The word Space is used for universe is because this was the believe that universe is total vacuum (Vacuum is place where atmospheric pressure is absent or in simple where is no air available) but past discoveries has shown that there is energy in the universe and dark matter but still this universe is missing the atmospheric pressure so technically universe is empty space.

The “Space” is used in modern science we have adapted this word and and now its used in many physic equations and theories Example: space-time.space time

Now I believe that you guys may understand the basic space and why our Universe known as Space or I may have explained it better if not then as Albert Einstein Quoted “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough” so its my failure.


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