What are stars?

what are stars

From the centuries to this day human beings has spent lives looking at the night sky for stars and get amazed by these shining bright pearls. In the past the humans wonder what these luminous things in the sky are. The ancient people used to associate the stars with heavens, with gods and goddesses and also that when a person died he become the star. And many of people still believe this. Every different culture relates stars according to their belief but mostly stars are seen as gods and goddesses.

Constellations Myths:


A constellation is a group of stars that, when seen from Earth, they form a pattern. These bodies appear close to each other on the sky but are really far apart in space. The ancient civilizations saw these patterns and relate gods and stories from their cultures. Some famous constellations came from ancient Greece.

Gods in the Sky:

Many early civilizations made believe that Gods in the sky, to help them to explain and to understand the sky especially the stars. For millennia, people have sought to understand the origin of the heavens, and the stars in the sky. And this believe is still here in us that’s why when we remember the god we look up in the sky because of the belief that god live in the sky.

Navigation through Stars:


Ever since old civilizations starting to expand and starting to move to one place to another all across the mountains travel through oceans, start making journeys for days, weeks or even for years travelled through thousands of miles. One this is essential is Navigation to keep on the track and to prevent themselves from getting lost. Today the navigation is we uses are way far advance. We’re no longer depending on stars for navigation, we’ve satellites technologies, and GPS are very accurate as hell and less complicated to common men.

When earliest people look up at the night sky they saw and noticed one thing that the motions of the stars were regular and predictable. Like said before many cultures believed that positions of the stars were their god’s way of telling stories. So it seems natural to recognize patterns in the sky, give them the names the names, and tell stories about them.


Old civilizations used the constellations for Agriculture to know when winters are coming or summer, springs. This gives them idea to plan the harvest. Obviously they use stars for this because of no calendars at that time.

Now the navigation part in the night sky it is very easy to spot the Polaris (The North Star). The North Star is approximately aligned with the Earth’s axis of rotation. Due to this while other stars appear to change the positions throughout the night North Star remain virtually fixed at same point in the sky. This makes it very important in the navigation by looking at it one can easy determine the north and once you figure out the North you can easily figure out the other side easily. This help explorers, merchants to sail their ships across the globe without these navigation tools explorers never make their back home because of this discoveries of new countries, continents were possible this make happened to civilizations to spend across, share knowledge, stories of theirs, resources this made happens the SILK ROUTE. This makes most of history courses to take place like world great wars; great kings who want to conquer the world and so much like Great Pyramids of Giza this all happened because man believe in stars he study them and that from where astronomy begins and made the oldest science. Man dare to travel to unknown places with the trust on stars that they will lead him to his destination and bring him back to home and this makes possible the discovery of earliest Maps to today’s navigation system. If our ancestors aren’t use the stars as they did we’ll be living in small tribes in jungles instead of today’s modern globally connected civilization and this all has started with believe in stars with myths with one wonder one question what are stars?

Stars Define by Science:


A star is plasma held together by its own gravity. The nearest star is our sun. In the night sky what we sees are actually millions of suns, nearest planets, nebula and other celestial objects. Basically stars are really a giant ass made up of gas mainly hydrogen and helium.

What is really happing in the sun is that hydrogen turn into helium which causes the fusion (Fusion is a process in which two hydrogen atomic nucleus combines and form helium). In the core of sun fuses about 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second. Our sun and other stars are so large and so much matter in them that even there is a continuous nuclear reaction going on still it will take billions of years to sun to use all the fuel in it. Because of fusion and continuous nuclear reaction it emits large amount of energy called electromagnetic energy in the space.


The scientists have measure the temperature of sun’s core approx. 15 million degree Celsius plasma. In the core of sun thousands of protons collide with other protons and form helium.  When fusion takes place in sun it releases large amount of energy which travel towards the surface of sun and this process is called radiation, the energy moves out by a process called convection hot gases rise, cool, and go back down again. As these masses of gas move, they push off of each other causing “Sun-quakes.” These make the material in the Sun vibrate. These Sun-quakes help scientists determine the Sun’s internal structure and the processes occurring at different locations underneath the Sun’s surface.


How Stars Born:


The theory and lots of observations and evidence states that stars born as clumps within gigantic dust clouds these dust clouds contains gases and matter within them when this dust or matter strike together, it get combined and this chain continues, clouds collapse in on themselves. Then this cloud material star to heat up and then it fall inwards due to under the force of its own gravity.

When this gas reaches the temperature of 5 million °C then hydrogen nuclei stars to fuse into helium nuclei and the Star is born. The energy produced by nuclear reaction the radiation move upward to prevent the big O gas cloud collapse into itself.


When a star uses all its matter and no more fuel is left to keep it burning and there is no more fusion and no more production of radiation to prevent collapse then it finally collapse and one last huge explosion happens and it spread huge amount of matter into the deep space and it again becomes a dust cloud from it stars its end there, and this event called the death of Star.

Types of Stars:

The scientist has learned to recognize the stars their masses, temperature, size by its color. The years of study hundreds of observations billions of stars, lots of experiments scientist learn that a star’s color tells lot about the star. The stars color linked to temperature.

The hotter star emit bluer light and cooler star emit red/yellow light like our Sun these star are known as dwarf stars. The temperature further linked to the mass of the star. The red dwarf stars have 0.075 solar masses and visible surface temperature less than 4000k. Some massive stars like, Wolf Rayet star have 265 timers the Sun’s mass and its visible temperature is 50,000k. Here is an interesting thing the larger the star and larger the mass it is it burn also fast which means large massive hot stars lives or burn around some million years whereas small cooler red/yellow dwarf stars like our Sun continue to burn or live around some billions years.


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