Save Nature & Planet Earth

Well before we began to save nature we need to know what is nature and why it need saving?

What is Nature?

In Bookish language Nature is

The phenomena of the physical world. Collectively including plants, animals, the lands and other feature and products of the Earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.

You understand it? maybe some of you, but this definitions don’t tells the true meaning of nature.

Lets assume Earth as a human body, the nature is its internal organs its respiratory system. Nature is working of the Earth an structure of Earth every thing on Earth is part of Nature which is not built bu humans. Now you already assume Earth as a human body then consider this everything which is man made is Silicone to Earth. Like we use Silicone to implant our body parts like Butts or anything else.

The physical world and everything in it we see natural like Oceans, rivers, forests, animals, water, rain, mountains everything is natural behavior of living beings, natural disasters all are part of nature the seasons all these things in world is naturally organized when it will rain, when summer comes meeting time of animals to control the natural phenomena of earth and keep earth healthy if all these things stays in the organizations, like our body parts every thing is organized and part in body do its work and if there is any dis-balance then we fell ill, like this when one part of nature mis-balanced or get affected by humans it cause bad things earth get sick.

The nature whom we’re so glad to give us so much or “not so much glad” and don’t care about it, then the nature start doing destructive stuffs like unregular  rain, warming in temperature now nature is start taking and it reminding us its importance and we shouldn’t take these warnings lightly we need to worry about it and start taking actions to save it.

Why Nature and Planet Earth need Saving

Well we need to save Nature because nature is giver, it gives us food, water, pure air, forest, rocks, plants, animals and lot more things. The whole world will die if we don’t take care of Nature, if nature collapse then world will see its doomsday, the humanity will face the Apocalypse.

save nature
Art by Ayush Syal

The climate is changing due to disturbance in the nature some experts and political leaders not admitting it according to them

Climate change and Global Warming is not a real thing.

But be honest to yourself can’t you feel the heat? ain’t you notice changes in seasons the “unnatural behavior” of climate. We need to change this we need to save nature because trees gives us Oxygen and and clean air, plants give us beauty and food, fruits give us vitamins and minerals and forest are home to life wild life. When we cut down the forests then animals will enter to your homes, wild dangerous animals the snakes, leopards, monkeys because we have stole their homes and destroyed them and if we continue to do this we might have an end.

Think what you going to left for your children. Imagine a world without forest plants oceans drayed rivers, poisoned air, no plants, no tress, no animal species, we are turning our heavenly Earth into literally in hell. We becoming the monsters, but its still not late to do good to change things to make this world better place if we want to we can stop this before its truly get late.

How to Save Nature

  • Turn off the Lights: When you don’t using the light or left the room even for few minutes switch off lights. It seems nothing but remember every watt count.
  • Unplug the Appliance: When you’re not using the any appliance unplug it unplug your mobile phone after it charged.
  • Separate your Garbage: Use different garbage cans for different type of like glass, paper, plastic, organic matter etc.
  • Use Less Water:  Don’t let tap running when you brushing or shaving and when you’re showering close the shower when you soaping yourself.
  • Try to drive at Economy speed: Try to drive slow and maintain a nice, speed which is 40-45 miles per hours.
  • Turn of the engine when you’re waiting on signal
  • Try to walk to neat place like market, malls or use cycle it will keep you healthy and environment safe.
  • Use paper bags instead of plastic bags as much as you can.
  • Do Laundry by Hand: if its a small amount of cloths then you can wash them with your hands and hang them on clothlines. This not only save the water but also energy
  • Use Triple R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Save Nature Save Earth


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