Zealandia: A hidden continent found by Geologists

Earlier today a group of geologist release a report which indicates that there may be a new continent called Zealandia , that means now there is no seven continents in the world but now Earth has eight continents. The group of geologist now believe that New Zealand and surrounded island maybe re-classified soon, before the discovery of this new continent all are these come under Australia known as Australasia. Continue reading “Zealandia: A hidden continent found by Geologists”

Save Nature & Planet Earth

Save Nature & Planet Earth

Well before we began to save nature we need to know what is nature and why it need saving?

What is Nature?

In Bookish language Nature is

The phenomena of the physical world. Collectively including plants, animals, the lands and other feature and products of the Earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.

You understand it? maybe some of you, but this definitions don’t tells the true meaning of nature. Continue reading “Save Nature & Planet Earth”